I was very kindly invited to be a part of week long research residency, Wittaverse, at UWE Fine Art, Spike Island, in July 2023. Born of the research group WITTA, the week was spent exploring the written and spoken word in art and sound, as well as prototyping a model for running longer form exploratory group collaborative workshops. 

It was an intense week, spent with Lizzie Lloyd, Kit Poulson, Esther Hesketh, Lily Frances, Bryony Gillard and Harriet Bowman, alongside a bunch of committed current and ex students from the UWE Fine Art BA. Ending in a mini show of work produced over the week, one of the main conclusions was that it shouldn’t have ended with a show. This is a super valuable realisation which shifts the focus from outcome to process, allowing works to be conversational, ideas proposed, rather than conclusions.

Below is a series of images, videos, words and sounds from the week, featuring work from all the above as well as Lolly, Simone, Beth, Hannah and Mirabelle.