Text Scores

A little side project in 2016 with artist Dorian Macfarland; text score tennis. It fizzled, as these things can, but here are a couple of my realisations from his scores.

Record A Journey You Didn’t Make

Misunderstand a sound once a day for as many days as you remember to


Mistook my wife’s contented mumbling when asleep for the sound of a mosquito. Got out of bed to look for it. There wasn’t a mosquito. Liz’s sleep became deeper and she stopped mumbling.


When I scan my card to enter college it makes a beeping sound which I misunderstood to mean your card isn’t working. I went to see tech ops to find out what the problem was. There was no problem.


Today when my toast popped I understood the sound to mean that the toast was half done. I put the toast down again. The smoke alarm went off and I had to open the windows. And make more toast.


I decided that the first woodpecker I heard would instantly transport me to my time in the trenches. There was one in Ashton Court and I cried out in anguish. I felt like a twat but there was no one else around except the dog and she didn’t seem to mind.


I couldn’t find my keys so I shook the coats to see if they were in one. I heard a frog croak in one of the pockets. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be my keys.


I thought ‘love’ was ‘hate’ and it started a little argument.


I decided to misunderstand my phone and take its ring to be a fire alarm. It made me acutely aware that hardly anyone phones me.


Tried the phone thing again. This time I did get a call in the evening so I went outside to wait for the all clear. It came after about 30 seconds so I called my brother and lied about why I hadn’t picked up.