I’ve been working on audio branding for Berlin’s re:publica conference for about 6 years now. Alongside habitual collaborators Jutojo and Fertig Design, we’ve explored a number of different themes and approaches for each iteration of the conference. The first was about Love, then Pop, then tl:dr, then ‘any way the wind blows’ and most recently in 2023, Cash. 

After so many diverse briefs, I thought it best to bring them together here, as the iterative process over the years has been really instructive in terms of hitting new targets with invention and style, but also sort of hitting the same target every time, with quality and consistency. It has also just been lots of fun working with Toby, Norman, Julie and Johannes, lovely people the lot of them.

Below is the intro to the 2019 conference, tl:dr, and you can find more detailed case studies on the Fertig and Jutojo sites.