Carte Noire Instinct

Interaction, sonification, dynamic audio and a really big window. This piece, made in 2013 with AllofUs and Work Club, ran for a week at Westfield Stratford. It was a digital reflection of the street scene that altered people’s appearance and their surroundings, all in realtime full HD. I couldn’t begin to understand the programming that went on in Open Frameworks but technical lead Chris Mullany has a post here, if you want more detail.

My job was to create an interactive sound world that would respond to people and events onscreen. This was done via OSC with Chris sending me a list of numbers from both the Kinect sensors and the graphics engine. I received these numbers in a patch I built in Max/Msp and made a sound world that moved through the four scenes that the piece comprised. You can hear a mocked up run through below and look at more photos too. A film crew made a promo video based on the piece, you can see it here (completely not my music).